Urban Moonshine

Digestive Bitters by Urban Moonshine


Urban Moonshine's hand-crafted Bitters are a well balanced, aromatic, non-laxative option to traditional bitters formulas. Whether you are seeking the digestive benefits or recreating classic cocktails, these original bitters are handcrafted to please everyone. 

Urban Moonshine Bitters are made with certified organic Vermont herbs and roots--complemented by a few worldly exotics. These bitters revive the tradition of dazzling the palate while priming digestion.

Why we love it: Although the taste of bitters can take some getting used to, this taste is incredibly important for liver and digestive health. The bitter taste encourages saliva and bile production and gets your body prepared for digestion. We love this because it is easy to carry around with you and it helped us digest our meals fully, eliminating feelings of bloating, gas and indigestion. It is also organic and gluten-free!

Ingredients: Water; Organic Cane Alcohol; Org. Dandelion Root; Org. Dandelion Leaf; Org. Burdock Root; Org. Orange Peel; Org. Fennel Seed; Org. Yellow Dock Root; Org. Angelica Root; Org. Gentian Root; Org. Ginger Root; Org. Gum Arabic; Org. Essential Oils. Org. Vanilla Extract. 30-35% alcohol. Certified Organic & Gluten Free.

To use: Take a dropper or a few sprays 20 minutes before a meal. 

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