Little Seed Farm

Goat's Milk Lavender Bar by Little Seed Farm


The Lavender Bar from Little Seed Farm is the perfect shower or bathtime companion. Made with raw goat's milk and organic oils, it will leave you feeling moisturized and will also heal and protect your skin.

Why we love it: We love this hand-made small-batch raw goat milk soap for a million reasons! Little Seed Farm is a small goat farm in Tennessee so everything is made right on site! They use the best ingredients every step of the process and it left our skin so so soft! It is all organic, all natural, all consciously and lovingly made and all their practices and packaging are eco-friendly! 

Ingredients: Organic virgin olive oil, organic coconut oil, grass-fed goat's milk, sodium hydroxide, organic lavender essential oil.

To use: after lathering only rinse until the suds have disappeared. This leaves a silky layer of milky goodness to protect and heal your skin.

There is no palm oil (a hardening oil) in this soap for ethical and environmental reasons. As a result, these bars will soften if left in a pool of water. To help keep your bar at it's best, please keep it in a draining soap dish away from direct streams of water.

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