My Herbal Box

Lactation Organic Tea Blend


This tea combines nourishing and nutritive herbs with herbs that are wonderful for the production and flow of breast milk. Galactagogues in this tea help boost milk supply and production. New mothers will feel less anxious, more supported and ready to breastfeed their new babes. 

Why we love it: Breastfeeding takes a lot out of a mama and this nourishing tea helps give her what she needs to produce for her little one. So many things can affect your milk production, but this tea combined with the other tincture in the box has kept my milk flowing strong, not to mention a nice cup of tea is good for Mom anyways! 

Ingredients: Blessed thistle, fenugreek, red raspberry, nettle, oat straw, alfa alfa. All organic.

To use: Pour water heated to 195 degrees to two teaspoons of this blend. Let steep for 3 minutes and enjoy.

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