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Nettle & Mint Soap Bar by Gathered & Grown Botanicals


A refreshing & nourishing cleansing soap that pulls double duty as a multipurpose body and shampoo bar. Made with hand harvested nettle, mint, and horsetail, lending a rich profile of nutrients and minerals to replenish & soften the skin and hair, while promoting a healthy scalp. The Nettle & Mint soap is made with a rich blend of organic oils & butters, to gently cleanse from head to toe leaving a fresh minty scent.

Why we love it: We love this all-in-one cleansing bar that not only cleanses hair and skin but also adds nutrients from the herbs to replenish your reserves. We also love that it smells wonderful and is packed in eco-friendly packaging.

Ingredients: Olive oil*, coconut oil*, sunflower oil*, shea butter*, castor oil*, water, sodium hydroxide, peppermint*, nettle, horsetail, peppermint essential oil*

*Certified organic ingredient

To use:

As a body bar: Wet and suds the bar in your hands, with a washcloth, or your favorite sea sponge loofah to work up a luscious lather. Wash, rinse, feel incredible.

As a shampoo bar: Wet and suds the bar between your hands to work up a rich lather. Work lathered hands into hair, massaging the scalp and gently sudsing from roots to ends.

As a shave soap: Lightly wet a stiff-bristled shave brush and swirl it around vigorously on the surface of your dry bar of soap to build a stiff, thick lather. Apply thick lather to skin for a smooth as silk shave.

To keep your soap happy & sudsing for weeks, store out of direct water, in a well drained location, allowing it to dry between uses.

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