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Organic Energy Boost Tea


Energize your day with this blend of Organic Young Hyson green tea combined with eleuthero and ginkgo. It contains a dose of antioxidants, while promoting stamina and energy levels. Enjoy this delightful, invigorating green tea throughout the day to support your energy and well-being.

Why we love it: We definitely love our share of calming and soothing teas but every now and then we need an energy boost to get through the day or a task at hand. We try to limit our coffee intake and we have found this blend to be a wonderful replacement for that afternoon lull in energy.

Ingredients: Organic Young Hyson tea, organic eleuthero root, organic schisandra berry, organic ginkgo leaf, organic gotu kola, organic licorice root and organic ginger root.

To use: Pour 8-12 oz of water (195° F) over 1 tsp. of tea. Steep 3-4 minutes or longer for a stronger infusion.

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