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Organic Fennel Seed


Fennel is an herb that most people are probably familiar with, it tastes like what most people think licorice tastes like because it is often used in licorice candy to enhance the flavor.

Its power as a digestive herb comes from its ability to lessen the “I ate too much” feeling that sometimes happens when indulging in good food. It is also particularly helpful in assisting the body to break down meals that are higher in fats, such as dishes that contain lots of cream and butter.

It is a mildly cooling herb which means it is beneficial for hot digestive conditions such as heartburn and bloating. Taken before a meal it can help to prep the body for digestion; taken after a meal it can help your body break down the foods better so that you are able to assimilate the nutrients more easily.

In addition to its digestive aspects, fennel is also commonly used in formulas to help increase breast milk production for nursing mothers. We prefer a tea for this application as this also helps to increase mom’s liquid intake. Drinking fennel tea can also help to improve baby’s digestion, particularly if they are prone to colic.

Fennel tea is safe enough for people of all ages, and a washcloth soaked in fennel tea can be given to babies to suck on for a more direct application.

Anytime you are feeling like you overate, have heartburn, need to freshen your breath after eating lots of garlic and onions, or are looking to soothe an upset tummy, grab a handful of these little seeds and munch away.

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