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Organic Mugwort Herb


Mugwort is an ancient plant used in traditional European and Asian medicine. It is best known for its actions as an aromatic bitter, which increases digestion and enhances nutrition by stimulating digestive and bile secretion. It helps to relieve gas, ease cramps, increase the appetite and cleanse the bowels.

Mugwort is also associated with menstruation. It increases circulation to warm up the uterus and pelvic region, move the blood, remove stagnant blood (the source of cramps, stiffness and pain) and regulate hormone levels. Some use it as a general menstrual cramp regulator (particularly for congestive cramps with symptoms of feeling heavy, thick, pain in the lower back and general stagnancy) or for violent cramps.

Mugwort is mildly stimulating to the nervous system, reducing tension and increasing circulation and nutrition in the nerves and muscles.

In Chinese medicine, fibers from mugwort leaf are rolled into moxa sticks and burned as moxibustion. The sticks are placed over cold, stiff joints to increase warmth and circulation. 

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