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PRANA Turmeric & Ginger Tincture by Leefy Organics


This full spectrum tincture was formulated by a holistic nutritionist to maximize the bio-availability of the turmeric compounds to the body. PRANA extracts all of the beneficial curcuminoids, gingerols, and natural oils found within the raw turmeric and ginger roots.  Consuming all of these natural phytochemicals creates a powerful synergistic benefit. This tincture will help with issues of congestion, inflammatory pain,  poor digestion, and many other ailments.

Ingredients: Organic turmeric, organic ginger, organic black pepper, organic vegetable glycerin.

Why we love it: Liquid supplements are far more effective and bioavailable than pills and powders, which makes this not only easier to take but also more effective. All ingredients are sourced from organic farms in the USA ensuring maximum freshness and quality of nutrients. What we love most is that this tincture tastes great! You can taste the turmeric but it is extracted in organic vegetable glycerin, which also makes it sweet and yummy!

To use: Take a dropper full twice a day or more if needed.


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