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Serenity Now Kit


Serenity Now is helpful in maintaining lower stress levels, which is absolutely crucial for your immune system to function properly. These days serenity is hard to come by. With all that is happening in the world now, we can all use some stress relief. This care package is packed with our favorite things to help us chill out and is the perfect gift for any front line worker, Mom, or any human trying to navigate this difficult time. 

Chill Out Organic Tea by My Herbal Box is an herbal blend of calming and immune-supportive herbs. It has notes of mint, citrus and berries.

Why we love it: It tastes amazing, feels amazing and supports many of our bodily functions at the same time. The floral notes give us a sense of calm and the berries help support our immune system. This is definitely a fan favorite!

Ingredients: Spearmint Leaf, Lemongrass, Elderberry, Red Rose Buds and Petals, Linden Flower and Leaf, Chamomile Flower, Raspberry Leaf, and Orange Peel. All organic. 

Adaptogen Power includes amazing adaptogens, which are a class of herbs that help you adapt to stressful situations. This blend contains ashwagandha for neuroendocrine support, tulsi to reduce cortisol, and reishi mushrooms to balance and support immunity and nerves. 

Why we love it: This tincture helped us stay focused when we needed to and over time definitely improved our ability to handle stressful events. We felt lighter on our feet on days when we would otherwise have been sidelined by stress and anxiety. We also love all WSH products as they are organic and made with love by a small-batch herbalist and maker.

Anxiety Relief is an alcohol-free tincture full of calming herbs that are nourishing to the nervous system. This tincture is gentle yet effective and is safe for everyone, including pregnant mamas.

Why we love it: We love that this tincture is gentle yet effective. It will help calm your nerves and nourish your nervous system over the longterm. We also love that it is safe for absolutely anyone to take.

Lavender Sachet can be tucked in a drawer, your closet, or even the center console of your car, this lovely organic lavender sachet releases its famous calming scent.

Why we love it: Lavender is especially nice for sleepwear, since it helps to relax the mind. Lavender has been grown for centuries and used in aromatherapy and healing, and even for antiseptic purposes (though we're not doctors). This sachet is filled with pure dried lavender flowers and the bag is made of 100% cotton muslin. 


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