Nash and Jones

Tree & Goat Mask Set by Nash and Jones


This amazing set of non-metal tools for mixing and applying clay masks, comes in a breathable travel/storage zipper case.

* Mesh Bag with zipper to store/tote your non-metal mask tools

* Rubberwood mixing bowl made from the Pará rubber tree, making use of scraps of plantation trees that have already served a useful function

* Super soft goat hair applicator brush with wooden handle

* Bamboo and Cotton Luxe Headband [70% Bamboo, 30% Cotton]

* 100% Bamboo mixing spoon

Why we love it: Lots of clay masks come in powder form which is amazing because it prolongs the shelf life and can be mixed with water, rose water or hydrosols to make them extra medicinal. But we love that this set complements the masks perfectly for that all-in-one action.

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