Anima Mundi

Viridem Detox Elixir 4 oz. by Anima Mundi Apothecary


(Vee-Rii-Demm) Meaning: Green Light, Green Healer.

This powerful liver and gall bladder detoxifier is highly cleansing formula with high potency minerals that oxygenate the blood and expel toxic build-up, digest old fat, releasing bad oils, and modulate inflammation. Made with organic and wild crafted ingredients sustainably sourced from all over the world. 

Why we love it: So many reasons! This powerful detoxifier is a high potency elixir extracted with reverse osmosis water and organic cane alcohol to ensure high bio-availability. All ingredients are organic or sustainably wildcrafted. It is fun to also make medicinal mocktails or cocktails with this elixir.

Ingredients: Chanca Piedra leaf, Spirulina Algae*, Chlorella Algae*,  Moringa leaf*, Dandelion Root*,  Graviola soursop, Holy Basil*, Lemon Peel*, Lemongrass.

4 fl oz.

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