My Herbal Box

Zero Waste Bathroom Bundle


Are you ready to replace your bathroom essentials with some eco-friendly options yet? You don't have to go far looking for lovely, stylish, and sustainable options. We have got you covered! This is a great place to start on your zero-waste journey.

This bundle includes:

- Bamboo Cotton Swabs by Me. Mother Earth

- Bamboo Washcloth (set of 3) by Nash and Jones

Hemp Reusable Cotton Rounds with Laundry Bag by Me. Mother Earth

- Bamboo Toothbrush Set by Nash and Jones

- Bamboo Soap Dish by Nash and Jones

- Bamboo Pads Nest by Nash and Jones

- Lavender Soap by Little Seed Farm

- Silk Dental Floss by The Waste Less Shop

Now that's a bundle!

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