Recipe: Lavender Hazelnut Truffles

I love to experiment in the kitchen and to try to make healthy versions of things I would normally go out and buy. I had a hankering for some truffles the other day and wanted to see if adding lavender would make them taste that much better and I came up with this recipe. I hope you enjoy!


3-inch piece raw cacao 

1 cup hazelnuts

1/2 cup heavy cream or you can use oat milk for a dairy-free version

1 teaspoon lavender flower

2 tablespoons honey

Cacao powder for coating

Optional: Any powders or adaptogens you may want to sneak in is also an option. You can add this to the food processor when everything is being combined.


To make:

Toast hazelnuts in the oven at 350 degrees for a couple of minutes, until fragrant and the oils release;

In the meantime, add lavender to cream in a saucepan and stir continuously over low heat until it becomes fragrant. Strain the lavender out of the cream and put cream aside;

Melt raw cacao over a double boiler and slowly add in lavender-infused cream as you stir. Keep stirring until it thickens up. Add in honey and stir well.

Once hazelnuts are nice and toasted, add to a food processor until it becomes fine and almost like a paste;

Slowly add in lavender chocolate mixture until combined;

Once the mixture is combined, transfer to a clean bowl and chill for a few hours;

After a few hours, the mixture should be ready to roll into balls and then rolled into some cocoa powder to coat;

Refrigerate your truffles and enjoy within a couple of days for maximum freshness.


We hope you love this easy truffle recipe as much as we do!


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