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My Herbal Box monthly subscription is a service designed to empower you to take control of your health and return to nature. These carefully curated boxes will take you on an herbal journey introducing you to a new plant ally with every box. We have two subscription boxes that we offer: The Vital Box and The Tea Lover's Box.

The Tea Lover's Box is an affordable and easy way to always have high quality tea available for you to enjoy. Tea and herbs are always organic and sustainably harvested. Most Teas are by La Terre, our sister company and often have herbs grown by our very own farm. Some months may feature other tea companies. Each month includes 2 oz of a tea blend and a featured single herb alley.

The Vital Box is perfect for those wanting to learn more
about herbs and looking to easily find new products to incoperate into everyday life that support health and wellbeing. Each month centers around a theme (see below) and can include health, culinary, cosemetics, bath and body, and home goods. Products are always made with the finest natural materials with priority of organic and sustainably wildcrafted by small businesses. Each month you will receive a single herb in either a tincture, tea or salve, 2-3 herbal products and educational printouts to give you the knowledge to start incorporating more plant power into your life.

Please note our Vital Box may not always be Vegan, as some products may contain honey, beeswax, milk, or other animal products.

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Each Month Has a Theme

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We want you to be excited for the upcoming boxes and be confident that you will love what you recieve! Each month Ships the 20th of each month.

Turmeric | Anti-inflammatory

February Vital Box

Inflammation is an important aspect to fight foreigninvaders within our body, but sometimes our immune system goes into overdrive when we don't need it too! This creates a disbalance and for many of us it can be painful! This box helps with inflammation both internally and externally.

This box features the very powerful and popular anti-inflammatory root, Turmeric. More than just a culinary spice, turmeric has 4000 years of history and usage in India. Turmeric reduces inflammation, pain, cholesterol and can even boost cognitive ability.

Info Coming Soon

March Vital Box

Come back to see what our March box is all about!

Info Coming Soon

APRIL Vital Box

Come back to see what our March box is all about!

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February Vital Box

This upcoming box features products and herbs that reduce internal inflammation and relieve muscle pain. Its perfect for those who struggle with digestion, athletes who want to support their sore muscles, or anyone who wants to improve their overall wellbeing! Included in this box is:

  • Tumeric Concentrate by Dona - 16 fl oz
  • Lemongrass Pain Relief Hemp Balm by Cannivera - 1 oz
  • Savory Roots & Herbs Oxymel by Red Roots & Co - 5 fl oz
  • Tulsi Spice Chai by La Terre - 2 oz
  • Information on turmeric as a medicinal herb, how to reduce inflammation in your body, and a easy chai recipe!

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February Herbal Lover's Box