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My Herbal Tea Box - Monthly Subscription


My Herbal Tea Box is an affordable and easy way to always have high quality tea available for you to enjoy. Each month you receive two amazing tasting teas.

Organic, full leaf, and steeped to perfection!  Our organic teas includes handcrafted blends created with the herb of the month. Each monthly box features an exclusive seasonal handcrafted herbal tea. These premium organic herbal teas are cultivated with special care throughout so you can enjoy amazing tea in the comfort of your home!   

Great gift for all the tea lovers!


* Each month you will receive two herbal tea blend by La Terre Apothecary. Each month includes a limited edition seasonal tea. 

* 1-2 oz teas come in glass jar.


We will ship on the 20th of each month. You can order the current months box until the 15th of each month. New subscriptions ordered after the cut off date will ship as soon as possible with the current box of the month.  New subscriptions will ship after initial order on the 20th of each month.  Enjoy!  






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