Finding the Natural Way in Life

We value adapting and dancing with the change of seasons of the year and our own lives in a way guided by nature's own rhythm

Health is important to us. There is no one ingredient that makes us feel our best, there is a lifestyle to adopt to be a healthy whole human being. And in this modern world, its sometimes hard to navigate what supports our wellbeing.

Our vision is to make it simple and easy for people who want to incorporate clean, safe and holistic products and herbal medicine into their life. No toxins, high standards, and a focus toward creating your best quality of life.  

My Herbal Box is our way to introduce people who are curious about holistic healing to the world of herbs and herbalism. We aim to bring nature to the forefront of our health and wellness in a simple and joyful way. My Herbal Box gives you the knowledge and foundation to take your health and wellness into your own hands, while introducing some amazing products crafted by some of the best apothecaries in the country.

Join us as we help you explore the power of plants, empowering you to advocate for your own health and wellness. Our vision is to bring healing and learning to a society that desperately needs to remember the ways of nature and to do so in a fun, accessible and useful way.

    High Quality through high standards

    Our Principles

    Grown with abundant health


    We grow and source only 100% organic herbs and ensure that any wildcrafted herbs are harvested from clean sources and harvested sustainably. We value having plant medicine that is rich in nutrients and use growing practices that enrich the soil. All of our ingredients come from nature and are devoid of toxic or synthetic chemicals. We only sell products that are safe, clean, healthy and toxin free!

    Giving to the earth


    Our products are made and packaged with intention to be sustainable! We try to buy herbs locally if possible when we do not grow it organically at our own farm. When wildharvesting, we want to ensure the plant populations thrive. We understand the risks of over-harvesting at-risk or endangered plants and adhere to the United Plant Savers guidelines of sustainable wildcrafting and foraging.

    Reuse, Recycle, Compost


    We want to Earth to love as as much as we love her. There are many trade offs when it comes to finding the most eco- friendly options. We try to pick the ways that we feel is better for our environment, even if it cost us more. We ensure that our packaging is as eco-friendly as possible and that it is reusable, recyclable or compostable.

    Honesty in what we do


    We are transparent about where our herbs come from and what is in all of our products. If you have questions on where we source a specific herb or product, or practices that we have, we would love to tell you!

    Promoting people to learn from the earth


    We try our best to give tools for those interested in herbal medicine and natural living. We want people to question and to learn. We present information in an open and honest way and discuss any risks associated with any herb. We know that not everything is clear cut and black and white. We encourage you to do your own research outside of this forum and listen to your body and intuition before ingesting anything.

    Being apart of our community

    socially- conscious

    Our goal is to build up others in cooperation of the same vision, not to compete! We value our community and try to keep local, prioritizing products and ingredients near us in the midwest before venturing into the rest of the US. We support small businesses who value sustainable and clean products, many owned by women, tribal members, and minorities. We love to hear suggestions and requests from businesses that are just starting up, as long as they value our principles!

    Each year, we donate 10% of our profits to sustainable small organizations or individuals seeking to pursue herbalism education

    Family owned and operated

    La Terre Apothecary

    La Terre Apothecary is our parent company and values sustainable practices every step of the way until it reaches your kitchen. La terre grows and wild harvests their own herbs, otherwise they source local from organic farmers. Products are packaged in reusable or compostable containers. Tea blend are specially formulated for your health and wellbeing with no sweeteners or additives, simply the taste of fresh gardens and wild forests.

    we grow our herbs at our

    Organic Farm

    Many of our herbs are grown at our regenerative organic farm run by Cannivera! We value farming practices that grow not only healthy plants, but builds rich soil full of benifical organisms.

    Our farm is family- owned and operated. You will see each member of our team out there working in the dirt. We know what each step goes into our organic herbs from the time we seed them in the soil until packaged for you to take home.

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