Welcoming September with Intuition

Hello September! The wheel of seasons keeps turning and for us September signals the end of summer, the return to school for the little ones, the impending return of cooler weather, pumpkin spice everything, and the beginning of turning inwards and conserving our energy for winter. 

We like to begin this season with a slow coiling inward and to the practice of honing our intuition to deeply listen as the veils start to thin between an outward and vibrant world to a darkening and inward world. We listen to the land, we listen to our hearts and we listen to how we can best guide ourselves through the season to come. And so to help guide you through this season, we have compiled a list of practices you can do to feel into that beautiful intuition and compass.



Of course, it all starts with quieting the mind! To be able to listen to what our intuition has to say, we must be quiet enough to listen and still enough to receive messages of guidance. It can simply be a 5-minute practice of peace in the morning or before bed. A time to tune out of technology and the noise of the world around us. It is amazing what 5 minutes of peace a day will do to your ability to connect with yourself.

Community Care

Caring for ourselves and the collective care of our community is a cornerstone of being able to tap into our intuition. Care can be the simple acts of taking a bath, sitting in your garden, making a meal with friends, or a great laugh with the people who get you the most. When we are well cared for, we have the space to invite in deeper connections and to feel into the darkest corners of ourselves and our souls with honesty and vulnerability.


Dreams are some of the most direct ways to connect with our intuition. Start a dream journal so that you can remember the messages that come through at this most sacred time. Dreams can be perfectly packaged metaphors or bits of information given to us directly. We can listen and learn how to interpret our wildest dreams and the more you practice this art, the more vivid your dreams become. Just notice!

Get Creative

Creativity breeds mindfulness and mindfulness breeds a connection that is so rare in our modern world. When we are encapsulated in inspiration and being present, we are connected to ourselves in a way that is rare. So get our your paint brush, poetry journal, dancing shoes and feel your way through the moment.

Notice Patterns and Signs

Do you observe the environment around you? Do you notice patterns in shapes, numbers, words, or lines? When you notice patterns or things that keep appearing for you, it may not be a coincidence at all! Some years I notice hawks at the same time everyday and this year, I see dragonflies every single day. Notice what is happening around you and find the message that is being communicated to you. Nothing is a coincidence.

Move your Body

Sometimes energy gets so very stuck in one area of our body and we may feel irritable or stagnant. Move your body in ways that feel good to you and move the energy around. Maybe you do this in a form of exercise or yoga or dance. Personally, I love to put on music and feel where my body wants to go and how it wants to move. When you move your body, you connect deeper to yourself and when you connect to yourself you can be vulnerable with yourself.

Feel and Journal

Allow yourself to feel everything that comes your way, even the feelings we deem “undesirable.” Get familiar with all your feelings and don’t block anything that feels uncomfortable. Allow it all to come in and know that there is a message in every emotion that enters and understanding the full spectrum of your emotions will allow you to understand yourself better too. Journal about what comes up and what it might mean.

Use your senses!

Your senses are a gift! Use them to their full capacity! Smell the flowers, listen to music, touch the world around you, taste every flavor. Your senses are your gateway to the world around you and we don’t use the word “sense” for nothing. Sensing implies interpreting a stimulus in our world into our own language. Turn those senses into a language of love and learn to appreciate how you interact with the world around you and learn what all the hues, flavors and textures mean.

React to Your Hunches

I used to ignore many of my hunches out of not wanting to seem impolite or grateful. However, now I speak my truth when it doesn’t feel right. If I am seated at a table that doesn’t feel good, I say so! If an opportunity comes my way that feels good, I jump on it. Feel your way through the world with your heart and let it lead the way. Oftentimes, we think our head knows the answer but in fact, our hearts really do know the way! Use your heart!!

We are sure you have many more practices to hone your intuition during this time. Maybe it is pulling tarot cards for guidance, lighting candles and watching them flicker, or getting perspective from friends and community. Use whatever you can to connect with yourself and see what comes through. And don't forget to write it down, draw it, or sing it. Find a creative outlet to interpret your innermost world and be inspired to draw from nature to help you. As nature moves inward, so do we. We really are a microcosm of the macrocosm. Notice and get ready to be amazed!



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