Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and with shipping delays holding packages up due to Covid-19, it is best to order your gift early this year! We have put together a list of some of our favorite gift boxes and why we think they would make a great gift for mum! We know you will find the perfect gift here!


The Coffee Lover Gift Box

This box is THE box for mums who love their coffee in the morning. This coffee is from a local roaster here in Carlsbad and has won awards for Best Coffee Roaster at multiple competitions. It also comes with the cutest little handmade mug also from a local pottery studio in Carlsbad. Last but not least, it comes with a Hemp & Coffee full spectrum extract from a small organic farm. This is the ultimate gift for a coffee lover!

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The Love Gift Box

This box is all about luxury and pampering but it is also all about the heart. Rose is known as a Shen tonic in Chinese medicine, which means that it uplifts the spirit and gladdens the heart and we all need a little bit of that at this time. This box also comes with the most amazing face oil as well as a rose quartz face roller, known to reduce wrinkles. The tea in this box is also simply divine. We love a box that is all about rose and we are sure mum will love it!

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The Immune Support Gift Box

This box is perfect for keeping mum in the best shape possible amidst the current environment. It includes an elderberry syrup, Cold Care tea, and an immune-boosting elixir. This triple threat is sure to keep any pathogens away and everything tastes great! We love this one if you are concerned about the health of your mama and want to keep her in tip-top shape.

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Serenity Now Gift Box

Give mum the gift of peace of mind this year because we all know she could use it! This box is filled with products to calm the nervous system, delight the senses, and bring a sense of serenity and joy to mum. It comes with an adaptogenic powder blend that you can add to smoothies or raw desserts, a tincture to help you sleep fully and peacefully, an aromatherapy roller to ease anxiety, and a tea that tastes amazing and turns up the chill factor. We love this box for a well-rounded peaceful vibe. SERENITY NOW!

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Chef’s Sampler Gift Box

One of our other favorites is this Chef’s Sampler Gift Box. This one will take mum on a culinary adventure. It includes products she can use in the kitchen if she wants to test her creativity. Mum will appreciate the elixir that you can add to cocktails or mocktails, or the tasting salts to give everything a taste of the French countryside, or the turmeric concentrate to make hot or cold turmeric beverages such as golden milk, or this taste of spring in a bottle to add to your salads and give them an extra medicinal boost. 

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 If none of these feels like the perfect gift, customize your own box by checking out our products. You can also leave your note for mum in the notes section at checkout and we will include it in the box. We hope you find what you are looking for and we wish all mothers out there a very happy Mother's Day!

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