Lions Mane Mushroom Tincture


Lions Mane is known for the natual support of the health of our mind.  Customers have been using our Lions Mane extract to promote memory, focus, and mental clarity while supporting nervous system function. Many say it can have a nootropic benefit  meaning enhance cognition as well as its neuroprotective and neurogenerative properties.  

Purity & potency:

Cannivera's tinctures are crafted from concentrated organic mushroom extracts made from wildcrafted mushrooms harvested in Wisconsin.   Our double extraction method ensures that our tinctures pack exponentially more of the active compounds found in each species. 

  • 2 oz bottle - 60 servings

Take 1/3 to 1 full dropper daily or as needed. You can take directly from the bottle or add to tea, coffee, juice, or water.

Lion's Mane: Within the mushroom, there are several molecules, including beta-glucans, erinacines, and hericenones that are believed to have neuroprotective effects.‡

Our mushroom tincture is extracted using a double extraction technique that involves a month long alcohol soak followed by a hot water decoction for optimal extraction of both alcohol and water soluble constituents.




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