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Chamomile Wellness Box


The chamomile box is packed with things to help improve digestion, heal your skin, and calm your nerves. Spring is such a wonderful time, filled with hope and the imminent arrival of life in its full expression. This month's box will help you bring in the light and support your digestive system.

What's in the Chamomile Box:

Beautiful Glass Jar of Organic Chamomile Flower - 10 oz.

Chamomile Info Booklet with Recipes 

Rose & Chamomile Butter by La Terre: This luxurious botanical butter is formulated with local beeswax and organic sesame, coconut and rosehip seed oils to nourish and protect the skin. This butter is especially good for sensitive skin and can be used anywhere that needs an extra dose of TLC.

Why we love it: We love using this butter on dry or cracked skin and with all the hand-washing going on, we love carrying it around to butter up our hands. It smells amazing without being overpowering and leaves our skin perfectly soft without leaving an oily residue.


Calendula & Chamomile Healing Salve by My Herbal Box: This salve is made from top-quality ingredients, including an infusion of real calendula petals and chamomile blossoms steeped in pure olive oil.  Try it as an all-purpose healing salve, lip balm, tattoo salve, cuts and scrapes balm, and an intensive moisturizer.

Why we love it: These days we want ease and simplicity and we want remedies that can cure everything. That is why we love this healing salve so much. Eco-friendly packaging, it fits in our pocket, works on absolutely anything from cuts, scrapes, abrasions, and dry skin, and this handmade goodness smells amazing too!


Chamomile, Lavender & Rosemary Foot Soak: This foot soak made with organic aromatic herbs is the best cure for sore feet, an anxious mind, and a tired soul. We love using it when we have been standing a lot, are experiencing swelling in our feet, or when we just need a little extra self-love.

Why we love it: We love the ease of foot soaks and the fact that we can take this with us anywhere for a little extra R&R. It smells amazing so it soothes our minds as well as our tired feet.

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