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Burdock Root (Organic)


Did you know your tummy is a battleground between good and bad bacteria?!  It is, and Burdock’s main action is to feed the good bacteria with a fiber known as inulin, so they can grow big (but still microscopic) and strong and beat up the bad bacteria.  While inulin is actually indigestible to humans, those healthy bacteria find it oh so delicious!

The root is also used for all manner of pesky skin conditions, including eczema, psoriasis, and acne.

It can be a blood purifier and detoxification herb and is a key component in many old and famous herbal formulas used for treating cancer throughout history.  Plus, it’s quite gentle, which means it can be taken for long periods of time in large amounts with relatively little worry.

As spring approaches, you will naturally gravitate towards clearing out your body for a fresh start, and burdock is the perfect herb to add to your daily routine to help facilitate the cleansing process.

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